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An urge to express

Courage is what it takes to stand up and and speak.

Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

God bless you

Please workout

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My decision to jump from the corporate world into a startup, was probably the best decision I took in my life. My brother placed me in front of the right people. He also convinced me, it was probably the best route to choose, as I grew in my professional career. It is here, that I learnt the art of listening. Most of us gather knowledge and experiences which we are eager to share with friends, colleagues and family. What would happen if everyone spoke at the same time?

I was always a good listener, and people who tend to keep calm and listen, also tend to assimilate more from the environment. Effective listening gives you knowledge and perspectives that increase your leadership capacity. My role as an operations lead in the start-up got me to interact with every department. Finance, Marketing, Customer service, Sales, HR and the CEO. I was listening to them all, assimilating information and putting it all together.

I have observed people at work and at home. Most people have so much to say, so many ideas to put forward. Whether it is a group of people at home or work, you would often observe one person leads the conversation. If you a mix of one speaker and listeners, the group tends to stay together. The moment you have more than one speaker, two or three, the group tends to break up faster.

From my individual experience, I believe there is a larger percentage of people who lack the courage to speak. They would rather listen, or feign to listen instead of participating in a conversation.

Both speaking and listening are important skills for all of us to learn and master as we age. I believe we all develop the courage for a skill with experience. They say most people freeze on stage, when you have to speak in front of a large crowd. I am sure every individual would have experienced a stutter or an inability to remember what to say. The only way an individual can overcome this fear, is with the courage to try again.

Courage plays an important role in every life. The ability to act and not act in any given situation is what make us different.

Cheers to a super start to your day. Blessing you with absolute courage to deal with all the challenges you face in life. Please share your thoughts and experiences.

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