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Attitude is everything

Find something positive in every situation.

God bless you

Please workout

Have an awesome day

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No life form on earth is problem free. You must be thinking this guy is crazy. Well I do not believe I am crazy, but I am definitely different from most of the people in my family and friends. At least I hope and believe I am different. Life is like a sine wave, going up and going down. The up and down is inevitable in life. The question is can you enjoy both? It might be easy to make a ludicrous statement like that, but most of the people who teach themselves to enjoy both these circumstances, tend to live a happy life.

I am a very strong believer in karma. And I have probably shared this story with many of my friends. It is probably the most memorable lesson I have from my early professional life. I used to head a customer support service division for a popular telecom service provider. I had a team of 10 engineers who worked with me. I had to resolve an high profile customer's issue, first thing in the morning. I got up early, got ready quick and rushed to meet this client. While zooming by on the road with my motorbike, I accidentally brushed against a pedestrian. She was carrying morning food supplies probably for her house. I did not stop, as I would be late for my appointment. My colleague who was the pillion, turned back while we zipped ahead. He told me, the lady's ration fell to the road. Eggs, milk, some raw meat and other vegetables. I felt guilty, but I was also tensed to meet this customer in time and solve his issue.

Sometimes karmic retribution can be instantly repaid. I was only 5km away from the accident, on a highway. I was waiting on a red signal, when my colleague told me, my wheels looked flat. I moved to the left of the highway, to find both my tires were rapidly losing air. At 12 noon, in the middle of the summer, as karma would have it, I had to push a 130kg motorbike from the highway to the service station. This 10km push instantly got me to realise, I was being returned the pain I caused that lady.

After the long hot foot journey with my motorbike, I reached the service station after 1 hour. The service engineer told me, both my tubes were damaged due to the long journey without air. I ended up paying 450 INR + service charges.

The customer was super annoyed. He shouted and yelled at me on the phone. And also complained against the delayed service. We reached his office, resolved his challenge, and returned with a story to remember.

There are so many actions we take in life, which we consider to my insignificant. These judgements on the severity of our actions are only from our point of view. The repercussions of what we do and what we say is not easy for us to comprehend.

Many of us our privileged to have 24x7 help at home, or many people who serve us at home. We tend to take all of these services for granted. What some of us also tend to forget, that these people serving us at home, are also human beings. If and when we disrespect these people, I believe we are earning bad karma.

The motorbike lesson has taught never to knowingly disrespect another individual. You will notice I used the term 'knowingly'. It is an important addition to my statement. We often say things which can cause emotional harm to people around, without our knowledge. This pain inflicted to another, without knowing, according to me also draws bad karma.

Getting back to today's quote. It is very important to keep your chin up, and stay positive everyday. Challenges approach us from every walk in life, mental, physical, work related, family related, financial, emotional. As a reader you would probably feel, I have no idea what trouble you are going through. Well I do not know, and I will not pose or feign to understand you challenge clearly. I have learned from life, that you have to find the positive in everything. Find the good, and ignore the bad.

Have an awesome day, charge your start with happy hormones. Please share your experience around being positive. Also do share what you like and dislike about my blog.

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