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Be strong but not rude ..

Knowledge makes people humble.. while arrogance makes people ignorant..

God bless you

Please workout

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'Blessinyou' is the best thing I stumbled upon. I look forward to writing here everyday. While I know my writing skill is not great, I still enjoy sharing these morning thoughts.

The ability to say 'no' or 'i do not know', is a great quality to possess. Most of us, suffer from the inability to refuse. It is not a crime to agree to ones weakness, or to the fact that you need help. Those who easily ask for help or support, are the ones who probably achieve getting work done.

While some people are stubborn and would like to hold on to their point of view. Most people tend to give precedence to self will over getting a solution.

Do these people succeed? I do not believe there is a thumb rule of success vs this inability to understand and move one.

Over my years of working for Companies across the world. I believe, it is essential to take on tasks you can complete.

Most of the extremely well read and knowledgable people I have met and worked with in life, are humble. They are always open to receiving your point of view. They may or may not appreciate or act according to your ideas, but most of them will give a logical reason to their actions.

In 20+ years of work, I have experienced two arrogant superiors. Both of these individuals wanted to project a false personality. I remember one even telling me, it was important for me to upgrade my two wheeler to a car, since I was a manager. Looking back at this statement, I feel sorry for this individual. He should probably work in Oslo, and find a special vehicle permit for him to drive around.

These isn't a shortage of arrogant people in the world. Most of this arrogance arises from their environment. I prefer to stay away from such people. The day every person learns the value of being humble, our world will change.

Be happy, keep learning and try to be as respectful as you can with your individual environment. If someone you know well, is turning toxic or arrogant, tell them and inform them. Maybe, even try and help them solve this problem. Arrogant people often suffer from low self-esteem and feelings of low self-worth.

Have a blessed day. Please do share your thoughts and experiences around today's thought.

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