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Chasing perfection

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. —Vince Lombardi

Wishing you all supreme health.

May God bless us all.

It has been a rough couple of months on the consistency towards my morning workout regime. I have also not been consistent in writing to my blog. Hope to maintain consistency both in writing for my blog and also working out every morning.

Today's quote I share is very true, there is yet to be a perfect human being and a display of human effort that resulted in perfection. Everything we do is near perfect and much better than a majority around us. This does not stop us from chasing perfection.

Google is an example of a human effort where they continue to thrive for excellence. While they achieve near perfection in most of the endeavors, there are many failures which is evaded to focus on pursuing excellence.

Many of you reading this, would probably argue that perfection exists, and an example would be our solar system. Some would agree that the planet we live on is perfect. Is it? Is our planet and the solar system perfect? What is perfection?

One should ask this question to a machine. Are machines perfect?

I guess the term perfection is relative to the subject matter being discussed. Those who focus on achieving perfection have attained excellence in many human activities. These marvels of human excellence surround us in forms of architecture, art, music, sculptures and so many other examples.

Throughout his book, Gladwell repeatedly refers to the “10 000-hour rule,” asserting that the key to achieving true expertise in any skill is simply a matter of practicing, albeit in the correct way, for at least 10 000 hours.

For those who have managed to acquire expertise in a specific human ability, this rule may be applicable. What about those people who prefer to live a life where they do not become an expert. Are they not happy?

From most of the examples I have seen in my personal and professional environment, those who spend time chasing happiness are seldom happy. Excellence and happiness do not seem to exist on the same path.

To excel in a specific human ability, and to be able to invest 10,000 hours towards a skill, you will have to sacrifice many activities which would have driven happiness to you.

Some people who are focused on the goal to make an excess amount of money or wealth, definitely achieve this goal in their individual timelines. But are they happy after attaining all the wealth? Are they able to enjoy life?

Should one chase perfection then?

The simple answer is if your environment allows you to. Then one must definitely chase perfection in whichever skill they seek to perfect. Will they achieve excellence or not, is a matter of time and effort.

Would be super to get your comments and views on the quote of the day. Hoping to write daily, and keep consistency with my blog. Please embrace the importance of good health. Good health lies in a balance between the mind, the soul and the body.

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