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Choice is a privilege

The ability to have a choice in what you do is a privilege..

God bless you

Please workout

Have a blessed day and week ahead

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I have written since 02Nov'21. I guess The Diwali spirit along with many other occasions kept me away from my me time. The last few days have been eventful. 2 weeks just passed by.. with pre-diwali, post-diwali, kali puja, bhai dooj, my son's birthday and relatives visiting.

Today's message is deep. Choice of priorities, depend on each and every individuals circumstances. Some people are not happy, as they missed they holiday to New york. Some are unhappy due to the long wait in the queue to the toilet, which is an everyday morning affair. We all have our individual challenges in life to overcome everyday. What is however annoying is when people question others, on not having the same privilege.

I was asked the other day, why I am still using a car that was bought in 2012. While the question infuriated me in the beginning. I realised over time, that the one who questioned did not know, or did not care about my personal choice. Yet he/she decided to invade my privacy by asking me the question. Well I love my present hatchback, and personally believe a car is just like any other consumable. I hope to use this vehicle as long as I can.

Choice is a privilege, and very few of us around the world are gifted with the same. A few reading this article may refute or disagree with my believe. But as rightly put by a professional I recently interacted with even with 1000% effort one puts into a goal, luck and timing need to support the goal to come alive.

Some may argue luck has to favour an individual who is relentless trying to achieve a goal. I know of an effort which has been and continued to being pursued for 25+ years, and is yet to see the light of day. Is the effort or goal not attainable? I personally believe it is, however, once needs to change with changing times. Most of the successful start-ups are the once which learn to pivot with market changes and position their offering to the market accordingly.

The pandemic has us all pivoting our individual priorities in life. While the ability to choose is still a privilege. There is a large movement among the working class to quit work they have been doing for years. Quit and embrace work they would love doing. The pandemic has raised questions which did not have meaning in the past. Working for a large corporate may not have the stability people believed it provided in the past. God has been kind to many of us, and given us the privilege to choose.

Be grateful for everything around you. Try not to peer into someone else's life and make unwanted suggestions towards they style of living. If someone asks you for advice on how or what to choose in life, definitely share your thoughts. Life is a sine wave, while we can ensure constant effort everyday, luck comes and goes.

Have an awesome day, and embrace the practice of being respectful to all.

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