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Choose your surrounding

Surround yourself with people who want to see you Happy

God bless you

Please workout

This is probably the most difficult real life reality to achieve. People who would normally surround you on a regular basis are family, friends and co-workers. Avoiding any of them would definitely have repercussions.

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Is it even possible to attain? I am sure it is.

Some people are gifted to live a life, where they do not wish to compromise. For them the follow a simple rule in life, "my way or the highway". Among my friends, family and work colleagues, most of the gifted living by this rule, prefer not to get into a marriage or relationship. There would obviously be some unique cases, but in general people who live by this rule, achieve the same by being alone.

From my experience in life, the ups and downs, I have realised each one of us have a completely unique journey. Today's quote directs us to try and achieve the above. We do not choose our family and we cannot control our work environment. We can however choose our friends.

Friends touch our lives as we grow through school, university and work. It is important for us to recognise these friends for who they are.

Would be super to receive your comments around this quote. Stay healthy and blessed.

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