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Decisions we make..

Sometimes the hardest and the right thing are the same ..

God bless you

Please workout

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Some people believe god or the supreme power is the one making all the choices for us in our lives. But is that true? Is god making the choices, or are we making both small and big decisions in our individual lives.

I believe it is definitely god who decides on opportunities that are sent our ways. But whether we use the opportunities to our benefit or not, is left to individual choice.

I know people who have done very well in their early lives. They have also earned well in prestigious work environments. As time passes by these jobs, and these earning dwindle, what is left behind is your physical health and investments and savings.

I used to listen to my father's guru. He told me if you earn a hundred, save 10, give 10 towards charity, give 10 to the guru and use the balance 70 towards meeting expenses and other requirements. There was this one time, when I had earned a little extra and had decided to give the same to my father for his requirement. My guru told me not to help my father, as his problems were his and my life was different. The emotional fool that I was, is that I ignored him, helped my father drying up my resources and stopped visiting him. Did I do the wrong thing? Is it wrong to put your parents first in life? I was strong enough to decide for myself and my unit family, that my parents came first.

With extreme blessing and god's fortune, I am happily being able to look after my elderly parents today. God has blessed me with the required work and resources to be able to do just that.

Our inherent inability to say 'NO'. This is our individual choice. And a very important choice, we all must make at every walk of our lives. While it is important in society to have malice, and no when to speak and how to speak. It is extremely important to be able to say 'NO'.

I have not been able to do this for 40+ years of my life. And have said 'YES' almost every time, to friends, family and colleagues. This has made me a very acceptable individual. I have now learnt how to say 'NO', this delayed change in my attitude, have people calling me inconsiderate and many other terms.

'Better late, than never' - I am happy I have learnt this important decision making ability. It is very important to say 'NO'. Life should be driven with decisions which are either a 'YES' or 'NO'. Do not keep people hanging and guessing, whether the opposite of your 'YES', is a 'NO'.

Over six years of my experience of building relations across Linkedin. I have realised there are many people who strictly adhere to a 'YES' or 'NO', and there are a large set of people who believe in 'YES' and 'BLANK'. For all those people working in sales, business development, relationship management the second category of people are extremely difficult set to deal with.

I can go on and on.. about the decisions we make in life..

Today's message is simple, try and take the right decision in life. Most of these decisions in life will be difficult, but that should never push you away from taking these decisions.

Be honest and try and be true always.

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