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Do what gives you happiness

If it makes you happy, do it

Wishing you all good health

God bless you

Life is unpredictable. While some of us live to save for the future, the question many ask is - is there a future? While some believe living for the future, work now to enjoy your earnings when you are old. Some believe it is important to live for today. Some people will beg borrow and steal today, to live their dreams now.

While some find happiness in what they do, some do what makes them happy. There is no right and wrong in this decision making process. It is very important and essential for us to keep the mind and spirit happy.

There is a beautiful presentation on TEDx where they define fun as the secret to feeling alive. You should see the video, the message is inspiring - It is important to keep your mind occupied and away from negative thoughts.

A young girl I know, keeps brooding about how she looks. Instead of brooding if she is able to find the courage to embrace doing good deeds and focus her energy on positive thoughts, I am certain she will blossom into a beautiful and confident young women.

But where does one acquire the positive outlook to life from?

Do you get this from your family? Is there a GURU who is able to give you this energy? Does visiting a temple or mosque or church give you this energy?

There is no single fit or a single path for us all.

Some find this energy in following religious practices. Some find the energy in secluded places. Some find the energy by meditating. Some find the energy by playing a sport or working out. There are probably a million variations to these paths.

It is important to know and understand that your individual happiness path is completely unique. 7.7 billion unique paths to being happy.

There are some common routes people have followed to find happiness. Being grateful, kind and staying away from greed and envy are some common routes which many have followed and found happiness.

As an individual I have managed to find an activity to charge the start of my day with some positive energy. I feel blessed that I have been able to follow this practice for some time. I hope and wish I am able to influence my friends, colleagues, and family to adopt this simple practice.

Hope you share your secrets to happiness, and inspire other readers here to achieve their individual unique paths is the infinite search to being happy and grateful.

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