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Do you fake it ?

Making mistakes is better than faking perfection..

God bless you

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It is easier to admit you are unaware, instead of faking to know it all. I personally believe it is impossible for anyone individual to know everything. There is no end to learning, and one must avoid faking to know it all. We are taught as children to try and always adhere to the truth, as it takes a thousand lies to cover one.

That does not mean I have never lied in life. I have however, made many mistakes, and have learnt lessons from them. Some people believe it is criminal to fail. I have seen some of the brightest minds fail in life. Failure is shock for someone who has never failed in school or university, or in ones early professional life. While some learn how to cope with the sudden failure, most are unable to accept what is lost.

Many tend to fake it to fit in. People tend to learn topics superficially to fit into a group of people they would like to hang out with. Some succeed in holding on to the fake knowledge, while many get caught in the faking act.

I had a very poor experience with a very large brand yesterday. The customer service agent who spoke to me, faked information and misled my query. Today, when I did not get the required service and call the customer support team again, I was informed by the other agent about the accurate process. I complained about the incorrect information given to me, and now the agent from yesterday, has a customer complaint against him. He could have probably avoided the same by being honest, admitting to himself that he needed to support to solve my issue. Instead he chose to lie and get into trouble with the process.

Have you every experienced fake perfectionists? Do you think it is OK to err? Would be great to read your comments around today's thought. Stay blessed and have a great day.

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