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Does god need a language?

Silence is the language god speaks.

Everything else is a poor translation.

God bless you

Please workout


Most of the priests responsible to open and close the house of god, will argue that there is a specific language god understands. I personally believe that is a load of lies. God is supposed to be omnipresent, and the creator of all life. Why would there be a limit in the languages god knows.

Today's quote is an interesting perspective. Most of us who successfully practice meditation, find silence, peace and calm as prerequisite to connect with the supreme being. However, every shrine or place of worship have bells, conch shells, drums, and many other musical instruments to create loud sounds. If god is everywhere, why do we need to shout, chant and sing aloud for god to descend? Where is god supposed to descend from?

I believe a little bit of god is in every thing around us. The day we learn to respect all animate and inanimate objects around us, we would have learned how to truly appreciate the presence of god. If you are praying to idols, and disrespecting human beings, you are far from finding the supreme being.

Kindness is a universal language. It is also a language god recognises.

Does god need a language? Since god is omnipresent and knows everything, why would there be a need to communicate? May be to offer a choice or to test our judgement. Almost every living person with claims of being able to speak to god, would have been able to achieve the same by mastering the art of silence. Why would we then adhere too scriptures and chants in order to awaken the supreme being? God is everywhere listening to and seeing everything we do :)

For those who believe god does not need a language and for those who believe god does need one, there is no accurate description. What is most certainly true is that god never asked human beings to kill animals as a sacrifice to god. God never asked us to pour gallons of milk on idols, and never asked us to kill living flowers and beautify the human perception of god. All of these business related acts in the name of devotion, are human or man made. Some of us would run these practices as ancient culture, but even then it was man's perception to have given these practices importance.

If you think about it logically, the creator of all life on earth, would never want you to kill a life form and place it on an idol as a gift.

Devotion is probably on of the largest businesses being practiced across the world. No matter how much you try and convince people, that pouring a portion of their limited wealth on idols will not do them any good, they still end up doing it. No one loves or respects these idols, priest across the world have successfully instilled fear. If you do not do x you will be cursed with y :)

The quantum of scams in the name of devotion are countless.

God's language is silence. God is everywhere. If anyone tells you otherwise, they have another agenda to fulfil.

Be respectful, and knowing try not to harm another.

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