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Envy is a disease

Envy and jealousy are incurable diseases.

God bless you.

Please find a way to workout everyday..

Join a gym, go for a walk or run, swim, play a sport, the options are infinite..

Envy is the reason for unhappiness. Most of us tend to compare our individual lives with others. Our friends, relatives and coworkers all have completely unique journeys. My wife's guru Swami Sivananda teaches most of his disciples the most important path to finding peace, is the path where one can give up desire. While I am sure some gurus and saints have managed to follow this path, it may not be possible for the common man to practice.

I personally believe, if you are able to stay away from comparing you individual journey with others, there will be very little possibility for envy or jealousy to arise. Comparison is the first step towards feeling a sense of not having something.

I am extremely fortunate to have the life I presently live. God has gifted me with good health, and with the will to work towards maintaining the same. God has also gifted me with patience to be able to deal with daily challenges. I do not however believe, that I am the only one with these gifts from god, I believe most of these gifts are given to us all. Our actions help us choose the use of our gifts given by god. Most of us ignore some of these qualities adopt qualities which make us unhappy. Envy is one of those qualities. We all have the ability to feel happy, sad, disgust, envy, fear and anger.

It is up to us to decide how we want to nurture our environment. A Disney movie called Inside Out, has beautifully explained the concept of these emotions and how they affect our lives. The movie shows, how emphasis to one emotion, could destroy or erode other emotions we are familiar with.

Life is a journey. The length of this journey is unknown. There are a few mathematical experts who study astrology, and claim to know the length. But the only one who knows the length is the supreme power of god.

I have learnt to be grateful in every second, that passes by. Grateful to be living a life many are probably praying for every night. Grateful for every person who tolerates me for who I am. Be grateful for everything you have, happiness lies in this act.

I request you all to stay away from comparison, there by evading envy. I request you all to be thankful, grateful, respectful and kind. The day the human race learns to be respectful of every animate and inanimate object around us, this world will become a very peaceful place.

Please share your thoughts and views on today's quote. Hoping to read your experience and ideas around how one could evade envy. How does one learn to compete with oneself, and avoid comparing our lives with each other.

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