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Everyone will hurt you..

The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just gotta find the ones worth suffering for..

God bless you

Please workout

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So many people touch our individual lives. Friends, family, kin and relatives are just an immediate few. Kinda a strange, but why do we get hurt? Human nature gets us to believe in what we have experienced and learned from them. Whenever someone refutes our way of thinking or ignores our presence, we tend to get hurt.

'We got hurt' is term you are bound to hear from people in the family, from kin and also from relatives. How should one react to this statement someone throws at you? It depends on whether someone is casually dropping it your way or trying to rub it in you? I personally have heard this term too many times. I have used the route of submitting to a mistake, even if I was not at fault to give the other person solace. Most people want to have the last word in a conversation, these people tend to be insecure, but they are not even aware that they are. I am not sure what the accurate strategy is to deal with these people. But I have learned, to live by the norms of karma. You do good, good comes your way, you don't the opposite is bound to hit you in some walk of life.

Some people call me names, and look down upon my way of life. It does not bother me. I know I have certain responsibilities in life, and I must adhere to these responsibilities at any cost.

Today's message of choosing the right people in life, people you are willing to suffer for.. sometime come by choice and sometime not so. My father managed to teach me one invaluable lesson in life. Stay on the long and righteous path, shortcuts get you soaring quick, but it also is short lived. I guess by holding on to these righteous values, I fearlessly am able to speak to every professional relationship I have built since 2000. Some people are not fortunate enough to hold on to these values in life.

Early failure in life, have also taught me how to treat failures in life as learnings, and not as the end of life.

I am grateful and blessed to have the right people in my life, I have chosen. Those people who are not able to give their parents the place of god, are the ones who eventually suffer, due to karmic retribution. While many children are blessed with logical parents, many are not. That does not mean, you drive off with your success, leaving your parents high and dry.

I am happy in life, thanks to the fact that god has blessed me. Do i deserve to be happy, that only the almighty can decide. But I have selected the right people to suffer for, in life. I do not regret my decision, and as long as the almighty blesses me with luck, good health, patience and perseverance I will continue to fulfil my duties towards my dependants in life.

Requesting all my readers to chose wisely in life, and suffer for only those people in your life, you are willing to suffer for. It is very easy to fall into emotional atyachaar.. but sometimes in life is essential to become strong and stop the buck where it needs to in life.

Blessing all my readers with luck, love and good wishes. Have a blessed weekend!

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