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Falling down is an accident

Falling down is an accident, staying down is a choice.

God bless you

Please workout

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We are familiar with falling. As we get older, we tend to give up on the courage to get up again. Falling does not need to necessarily be a physical phenomena. The fall can be physical or even conscious. The quote refers to staying down as a choice, as it is up to each one of us to gather the needed courage to stand up again. I would like to share the example of two people I love. They have displayed the ability to get back up again in very different ways.

My mother is the first person, who fell near the toilet and fractured her left femur neck region. She had to go through a surgery to recover from the inability to walk. The fall frightened her, so much so that she lost the confidence to walk confidently after the basic recovery. I have been preaching to all the members of my family, friends and colleagues, to work out every morning. My mother has never been a very physical active individual. This fall shook her confidence, and she reduced the little activity she had in her daily life. It has now been 6+ years, and unfortunately she has not got 100% mobility in the operated leg.

My father is the second individual. He has been a very disciplined individual through his life. In September 2019 my father had a similar accident. He also had a left leg femur fracture. The damage was a little less in comparison to my mother's fall. The doctor suggested he could allow the femur to fuse naturally, only if my father were a few decades younger. My father also had the same operation. He chose not to stay down. He regularly followed the physiotherapist. He diligently completed his daily exercise routine, and regained 100% mobility in less than 1 year.

My paternal aunty was also a very strong willed individual. She recovered from a horrific accident. She was walking back home one evening, when a taxi hit her from behind. Her pelvic area was smashed into pieces. Some thought she would be bed ridden for the rest of her life. However, with 2 years from the accident, she regained 100% mobility. She visited her daughter in Australia, and enjoyed her daughter's wedding.

I am sure we all have experienced hardships in life. Some of these hardships are difficult to resurface from. Today's quote is a very simple reminder. We must all choose to regain the strength and courage to get up again from the fall.

Successful startups and their founders will agree. Their infinite passion and perseverance towards a product or surface, help them grow the courage to overcome every hurdle, fall and failure that comes their way.

Hope to get your comments on this quote. Would be super to learn from your experiences. Please share your thoughts. Have a blessed day.

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