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Falling helps you learn ..

Sometimes we fall down because there is something down there we are supposed to find..

God bless you

Please workout

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Many of us are oblivious to failure. We do not face the same during our school and university experience. Some of us also do not face it during our initial work experience. But when some of us suddenly fail, we tend to willingly ignore the fact.

I am not sure whether early failure in life is good or not so good, but I have faced failure early in life. While it has made be stronger as an individual, it has also deprived me of many joys. How do you cope with failure? Is it OK to fail? Most of the lucky and extremely successful entrepreneurs from across the world, will encourage you to fail.. Ironically schools do not except failure. Kind of strange, but what path is good to choose?

According to me, everyone of us have a different journey. Some lessons learnt are common, but I believe each one of us has a unique story. Life and the environment we grow up in, moulds our individual personalities. While there are many courses and paths one can choose to follow, the outcome of each individuals life according to my experience, depends on karma.

Today's morning message was shared by a friend/ elder brother, who also shares a positive and motivating vibe every morning. His message is a reminder for all those to look inward, when you fail. Look for a possible reason, why god would want you to fall. Have you lived a life where you did not respect another fellow human? Did you choose a dishonest path? Have you cheated or deceived someone? Have you been involved in activities detrimental to your physical and mental health? The list of questions can go on .. It is important to try and find the reason.

Every living thing has showcased strength from adversity. Wishing you extreme strength to learn from your individual falls and bounce up to a new you.

Hoping to continue this practice everyday of my life.

Hope to convince every one reading, how important is it to start your day with a positive thought.

Wish to induce every reader with the basic requirement for all of us to worship our health and not idols. Respect every human soul around you and not people claiming to be god's messengers.

Have a blessed day!

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