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Fear wakes you up ..

Fear does not shut you down, it wakes you up

God bless you

Please workout

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This is so true. I am glad I have an experience to share around this thought. Many people say success is on the other side of fear, and you have to overcome fear in order to attain success. We all fear something in life, some of us admit what we fear while most of us pose to be fearless. Even the strongest person in the world fears something in life. We all face our fears in life, and these fears wake us up.

My experience with fear was being chased by a dog, at-least I thought the dog was chasing me :)

I was probably in the 3rd or 4th grade in school, when we were moving houses. We visited our land lady in the afternoon post lunch to see the house. They lived on the fourth floor, and the apartment they were going to rent out was on the fifth floor. The dogs were locked in the servant's quarter when we went in to introduce ourselves. When we were leaving their apartment a black and fairly large labrador called 'ZORBA', stepped out of the servants quarter and barked looking straight into my eyes. I ran to the tenth floor, I did not turn to look back whether the dog chased me. When I got back to my parents, they told me the dog only went till the 5th floor. That was my first and last encounter with ZORBA. The next time we faced each other, my dog 'ROGER', chased 'ZORBA'.

I had experience very little in life back then, when I faced ZORBA for the first time. I now realise fear tends to make us stronger, resilient and faster. Does fear shut you down?

Most of the people who I have discussed fear with, have learnt to overcome the fearful environment or situation with inner strength which wakes up like a super power. I am sure you would have seen hair near the neck or back when a dog /cat gets afraid. This is like an instant defence mechanism which wakes up as a protection for the animal. What would happen to you if you were suddenly made to stand in front of a lion or tiger? No matter how physically strong you may be as an individual, I am sure standing in front of a lion or tiger will induce fear.

While I am sure there may be very few instances of people shutting down with fear, I am sure 99.99% of us would wake up at the sight of fear.

I would love to hear about your experiences around fearful events in your life. Did it shut you down or wake you up?

I bless you with strength to fight every challenge in life, and hope fear wakes up the strongest version of you. Cheers to the super hero within to wake up, when it matters.

Please share your thoughts around fear in the comments.

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