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Gift of God

Problems appear to make us stronger.

Wishing you all good health.

May god bless us all

Good morning from India, New Delhi. I would like to start my blog today, by thanking the universe for a blessed night's sleep. You would probably wonder why I am so grateful for something as simple as sleep. Sleep is crucial for a healthy brain and body, your body and mind rest, grow and repair themselves during this period.

Irregular sleep cycles and sleep patterns, are not good for your individual long term health. So for all those of you who are reading this article after a good night's sleep, be grateful, as the universe has blessed you.

The quote I shared today is short and simple. Some of us will agree to this statement, while some of us may not. Problems in life have infinite variations.

There are 8 billion+ of us with different personalities, and each one of us would have faced at least a million different problems or challenges to overcome. While we could compute a number from the approximate figures given above, it would not be accurate to define the total number of problems we face as human beings.

The key to life is to try and embrace the good around each one of us. Every individual has a little bit of good and some not so good. The perpetual effort is to try and focus on the good.

What is good and not so good? Who is to decide what is good and not so good. The simple answer is "you", but then we live in a community, with other human beings the answer is not simple.

Some of us believe individual happiness is of supreme importance in life, while some of us fall prey to community peer pressure. Is there a right path to happiness and method to overcome problems?

I enjoy watching movies and believe story telling is near perfect in some of these productions. I particularly appreciate the story telling done in movies produced by Disney. One such movie is called "inside out". It is a perfect reflection on human emotion and the ability to overcome problems and hurdles we face in life.

The movie starts with a creative beginning, where every unique emotion in our brain starts to evolve from the moment we are born. The dictionary defines a problem as "a thing that is difficult to deal with or understand".

This "thing" changes for us in different stages of life. As a child learning languages and numbers poses to be difficult and sometimes a problem, as a teenager dealing with puberty and as an adult the range of difficulties widen. As an adult we face so many challenges and difficult situations. The objective of this blog is to encourage us to smile, feel blessed and deal with the challenges. Eventually to become stronger and overcome the problems.

Human comparison is the root of all mental distress that surface in our minds. Every one of us are different, yet the society and its construct expect each one of us to be similar in the way we live. To enforce this way of life, the societies we live in, tend to create norms.

Some such society norms we follow are, go to school as a child, do well in school, get a job, get married, have kids, send them to school, and so on.

It is like a cyclic process. Very similar to the ways good are produce in a factory. This process seems to be getting better, as we have managed to grow by 1 billion people in the last 12 years.

We must all realise and believe that not a single living human being is problem free. The variety of problems differ. One may have a problem of not being able to buy the latest apple electronic product, while another may have a problem of not being able to get clean drinking water.

I am very grateful for being where the universe has placed me today, I am sure many of you reading this article will be in a similar time and space, or better.

Problems are a gift, a gift from god, for us to persevere, and excel as a species. The spread of a virus across the globe between 2019 and now, is a problem the universe dropped on us. While some of us realised what is important in life, some of us chose a path to be healthy.

God has blessed many of us with good health, and challenged many of us with health issues. There is no substitute for human organs. We are trying to play god, by retrofitting and replacing certain human organs to deal with challenges. However, none of these replacements or retrofits can perform as well as the original organ life created. We are yet to comprehend the complexities of this life science.

I have also been blessed with the fortune of facing problems or challenges when I was young. I have seen many near and dear family members also face complex problems at a tender age. This personal experience, probably equipped me early in life with knowledge that does not come from books.

I love the school my parents sent me to. It is one of the best schools in India, called La-martiniere for Boys, Kolkata. The school was founded on 1st October, 1845. It was founded by Major General Claude Martin. The school gave me many values to cherish, amazing experiences through my adolescence and a very valuable experience of being able to deal with failure.

A large majority of schools and universities across the world, do not teach kids how to cope with failure. The problem of failure, and the ability to cope with it is probably the most important lesson our education system should teach.

While I could continue writing on this topic. This article would no longer remain an article. I would like to request all of you reading this blog, to be grateful, to be kind and to be considerate for the gift of health the universe has given you today. We all need to learn the skill of being able to respect and worship our mind, soul and body.

Would be super to hear from your on this topic, and share some problem you might have successfully overcome. Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday, and a super start to the following week. Thanking the universe for showing us all another day.

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