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Good friends are priceless

True friends stab you in the front..

God bless you

Please find time to build long-term health.

Spend some time to heal your mind and body.

You have to be extremely lucky in life, to get good friends. You have to be even luckier to be able to maintain and nurture the relationship through your life. I have had friends through school, college and work. However, due to various circumstances, I have not been able to invest in these relationships.

While in school I was gifted with five good friends. Rahul through junior school, Siddhant in the transition period between junior and mid school. Vivek and Anirban in mid school and Indradeep in senior school. Indradeep unfortunately passed away a few days ago. It has been very shocking and tragic. It reinstates the famous saying - "Man proposes, God disposes". Life is a gift extended by god, we must be very grateful every morning.

I also managed to get three great friends from my locality. While one friend from my locality is still a close friend, the other two have drifted away. Arnab is a close friend who has worked with me to build a recent Debashish continues to be a good friend. And Soumick chose not to remain being a friend, for reasons known only to him.

In college I was gifted with five friends. Vineet, Sourabh, Rajeev, Shoumik and Ekta. Work had me move out of the city, which restricted my access to my college friends.

Friendship at work has also been great. While there have been a few good friends there have also been many fair-weather friends.

Making a friend requires time and patience. However, it takes less than a few moments to break a friendship.

Good friends are always true to each other. Friends sometimes need to tell their friends where they go wrong. Fair-weather friends are unlikely to be brutally honest and point out mistakes. They would most likely lie and avoid confronting a friend.

Good friends are priceless, and very few people are fortunate enough to build good friendships in a lifetime. I hope to nurture the few good friends I have been blessed with in this lifetime. I do wish for a friend to adhere to from childhood, hopefully in the next life as a human being.

Hoping to read your comments and thoughts around today's quote. Friendship is an invaluable asset, which we all cherish.

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