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Greed is Evil

As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering.

Please workout

Health is priceless

Working out cannot guarantee your well being, but it will equip you with the strength needed to overcome unforeseen challenges.

Wishing you a blessed day.

It has been 2 months since I last contributed to my blog. I have failed to maintain consistency. We have been travelling to different parts of India. A trip to celebrate my wife's birthday, a marriage to attend and an advanced celebration for my parents upcoming anniversary. Most of us who travel regularly, would find one trip a month to be OK. For me it was tough to cope with my daily routine of adding to my blog, and adhering to my morning workout.

Some lessons learnt during the trip include the ill effects of greed. Our first trip was Goa, where I learned how important 360 degree health is. I earlier believed that if you regularly workout, one could eat anything. Eating with no control, got me sick. Thankfully I recovered completely in about 30days, and realised how important it was to couple your daily workout, with good food, and good thoughts.

Greed is Evil. It is the key reason for unhappiness across the world. While some people learn to be happy with a little, others cannot find happiness with every luxury accessible. What is happiness? A question many seek the answer to. There is no definition to being happy. Happiness is different in every individuals life. A beggar on the street would be happy with a good meal, while someone gifted with a house may not be happy.

So then how does one avoid greed? Again, every there is no specific rule or path to follow. What has worked for me, is to avoid comparison. If you can stay away from comparing your journey in life with someone else, who will find a way to evade greed.

Greed erodes humility. I have seen many greedy individuals, who lose humility as they assimilate greed. Greed and humility are like opposite poles of a magnet. I am yet to meet a person who is greedy and humble. Greed does not necessarily focus on wealth and resources. Some people are just greedy for attention, and would go to any extent in order to acquire the same. I am sure you would have come across people in a gathering, who force their point of view and do not allow others to speak.

Greed sucks most people into an infinite quest to satiate ones wants. A greedy person is never satiated. The moment they achieve a specific want, another one emerges. Some people will call successful people greedy, but then again, the definition of success differs from individual to individual. Greed has no boundaries, greed has no classification.

Walk away from people who just care about themselves.

Avoid greed, as it is the true form of Evil in our lives. Stay positive, and avoid harming any living thing around you. Compete with yourself. We all have a unique life, no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to copy another persons life from start to finish.

Hoping to write everyday and engage with you all. Please add your comments about how greed has affected you. Would be happy to engage with your experience around greed.

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