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Having everything is a myth..

Nobody has everything but everyone has something..

God bless you with an awesome day..

Please invest in health, the returns are guaranteed.

I recently met with a friend for coffee. We were just discussing life in general. Life has a strange way of making each one of us realise how precious and lucky many of us are. As a child, my family gave me everything. The definition of everything widely differs from person to person.

While some children might consider shelter, clean drinking water, clothing and basic food as everything in their individual lives, some others may consider the above as basics.

I have stopped believing in idol worship after an awkward experience in a temple with my parents. We live in an environment where there are many biases, especially around different religious practices. I will refrain from taking names of locations and venues.

I sincerely believe every individual has a portion of god or the supreme power residing in them. Unfortunately, very few of us realise this simple fact. We explore the universe trying to find the supreme being and or god. Only if we had the ability to look inside.

The rich and the poor are just social classifications of the condition or environment we live in. I sincerely believe everyone of us has a balance of good and and not so good within our individual journeys in life. From my personal experiences in life I believe everyone faces challenges in life. Some of these challenges are temporary, and some are permanent.

Some of us are able to overcome these challenges, and smile at these adversities with a smile. Some are able to overcome the temporary challenges, and continue life as is.

Basic comfort in life is achieved when you have food, shelter, good health, some money, family and work. The combination of these basics are very different for people across. While some might have plenty of money, assets, work and family, they might suffer from permanent health issues. They will tend to complain only about health all the time. A few fortunate people are gifted with amazing health and a great family, and struggle all their lives trying to find good work, money and other basics of life.

'Grass is always greener on the other side' is a proverb you would have heard or read in your environment. Many of us tend to believe that the life of a super star or a celebrity is probably perfect. That fact is no one has a perfect human life. The strong overcome the imperfection, and focus their attention on the strength they possess. The not so strong tend to allow the imperfections of life to take precedence in life.

Gratitude for what you have is priceless. Those who are able to stay away from comparing their individual lives with the lives of others, tend to find peace.

The journey of life is a constant effort to try and fulfil the absence of some of these basics. Some are chasing money, some are chasing love, some family, some yearning for kids, some seeking work they love, the list of wants and desires are infinite.

So what should one do?

Is there a method or secret to getting everything in life?

Can access to infinite money or resources get us everything?

Is there an individual on this planet who has everything?

I guess everything is too large a list of possessions or acquisitions one could desire. Everyone is seeking happiness.

The treasure hunt for happiness is like solving the truth about a myth or a legend. While happiness is unattainable by many, some simplistic living principles have given temporary or permanent happiness.

Some people are truly happy, while some feign to be happy.

I try to lead a life where I am grateful and respectful to my environment. I would like to get your comments and views on the quote shared. Also experiences from your life around the desire to get everything in life.

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