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It is important to focus ..

"If you got time to focus on what others are doing, you're not working hard enough. Focus on your own shit"

God bless you

Please workout

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I send out these message every morning across whatsapp, twitter, instagram, facebook, linkedin and have been penning it down in a blog i built using blogger. The common message every is a blessing and a reminder to workout.

Today's message about focus is very relevant. As most of social media, have user peering into other people's lives. This could be a friends on Facebook, or a celebrity on twitter OR Instagram.

The message is simply to mind your own business. Spend more time peering into your individual life rather than keeping a track of what is happening in someone else's life. The message is also very apt in pointing out, that is you have time to peer into someone else's life, you obviously have time to invest into the activity.

The one who derived this message wants us to realise it is far more important to focus on work which is going to impact our lives.

Hoping to continue this blog and motivate myself and my readers on the importance of keeping a balance physical and mental well being.

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