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Hold on when it gets tough ..

The temptation to quit will be the greatest just before you are about to succeed ..

God bless you

Please workout

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I find it tough sometimes to maintain this regular practice of sharing morning positive energy. Writing regularly has helped me elevate my mood, charge my morning and reduce stress. I hope to learn how to maintain a daily morning meditation. I will probably need to find a practice spot in order to start.

Life is tough for all of us. The challenges are different. We all want something completely different from life. Some fight for what they want, while others keep dreaming about it. I have many examples of extreme fighters around me. While someone has held on to his dream for 20+ years, and continues to fight for the same, there are some who feel weakened and tired by struggling for less than a year. It would probably be an interesting subject to teach children in school, 'resilience'.

I have a very interesting story to share today. Not related to work life, but my personal life when I was a kid. The transition from a young kid into a teenager is very confusing for most of us. In school, I was lucky to have an environment where I started competing in sport early. If you are a part of a school sports team, consider yourself chosen. I was lucky to be chosen and also worked hard to remain chosen. In the 7th grade, probably around the time the teenage transition begun. I grew feelings for a very pretty young girl from our school swimming team. My best friend back then, also grew similar feelings for her. That could not have a good ending for our relation. The girl was young and obviously not keen on building a boy girl fling. I tried really hard to convince her. I even was lucky enough to visit her house through a common friend. Danced with her in her house. I continued to dote on her. My best friend did not have the advantages I did.

Just as the quote above shares your temptation to quit is at its peak when you are near success. I gave in :)

One day, I just called this super sweet girl, and rebuked her for not reciprocating my feelings. Life takes its turns and twists depending on our individual decisions. Well mine did too, after this impatient and unwanted call. My super cute crush started a fling with my best friend the very next day. May be, just may be, If I were a wee bit stronger on my childish conviction of wanting to be with, she would have probably gone out with me.

Is it wrong to give up? How do we know when we are close to success? How long is it OK to pursue a dream? So many simple yet tricky questions to answer. Some people believe fate decides the decisions we make, while other adhere to just the opposite. According to me, there is no rule which fits all.

There is another incident in my professional career which also leaves a footprint on today's thought. It was only 4 years since I started working as a professional. I was young and naive, but very passionate, honest and emotional. I started a customer technical support initiative when mobile internet started in India. I personally grew the team from 5 people to 40+ team members. I gave 3+ years into this initiative, and just when we were about to win an all India contract, I had to part ways. Did I make a mistake? Life after moving on from this passionate venture was fruitful financially and also drove in the confidence I needed. The Organisation I had partnered with for this business initiative cheated me. The founder of the business is still happily cheating as many as he can.

Should I have stayed on? Did I give into temptation?

While holding on to some dreams makes logical sense. Some dreams take longer to achieve, and may not be practical to chase.

Be grateful for patience and perseverance god gifts you with. If you look around you will find examples every where. When the going gets tough, take it as a sign of success around the corner. Obviously keeping a wee bit off logic accompanied with your thinking hat on.

Have a super blessed Sunday. Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. It would be super to read stories which demonstrate success.

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