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Ideas changed us ..

No matter what people say, words and ideas can change the world.

God bless you

Please workout

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Change is always resisted. People have been rebuked for suggesting ideas which challenged what we know. History has proven these weird and crazy ideas come from people who want to challenge barriers. Barriers to change.

I enjoy every animated movie, video clip and series. Animations do not have a limit or what can and cannot be illustrated. Today's quote has been perfectly articulated in the motion picture called 'The Croods'. Some people believe animations are meant only for children. I do not believe this is entirely true, especially for movies produced by Disney. These movies are built over a period of time, and have some very real messages put across.

Do you like change? This is probably the simplest question you can ask people around you. I believe the most common answer will be 'NO'. Would be happy to know your results.

Why do people fear change? Do people fear change? I believe most people around us, fear change. I believe they fear change, as they would be happier doing what they have been doing over years.

Every individual has his or her eureka moment. Ideas keeping coming to us, only a few of us embrace these ideas, and make an effort to bring these ideas to life.

Thanks to the present world of technology, services are germinating at the speed of sound. The time from idea to action is less than a day, in many instances. However, from idea to the willingness to take the idea forward, could be a month to a year or even more. Technology has connected every one of us across the world. Communication is practically instant, even to the most remote parts of the world.

What do you think will happen when the minds connect? Do you think you will experience neural networks in action in this lifetime? If you keep watch, you will definitely find some new digital innovation come to life, every week. I keep a watch on the latest trend in technology, and how it is likely to impact our lives.

What do you do, when you get an idea?

Please do share your thoughts around today's quote in the comments section. Would be super to engage on this topic.

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