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Inside out

Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.

God bless you

Please workout

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That is a long quote with a simple meaning. Live for what makes you feel good, not for the people around you. Probably the toughest question to answer is "what makes you happy?". While some with smaller wants, the answer is easy. For some others where the wants are multifold, the answer is not that easy.

A distant relative has a similar predicament. He is a young man, from a decently well-to-do family. Has a family business to run, and god has blessed him with all the middle class family luxuries one could desire from life. Where is the issue? There is none, but in the complexity this individual wants. He has been recently looking for a bride, with many conditions which he has framed in his mind. At present life for this person is like a calm lake. We all look for partners in life.

In India, when an individual fails in finding a suitable life partner, the onus automatically falls upon the parents. You can buy a laptop or desktop as per a specific configuration, but imagine doing that for a life partner, skewed to the wishes of the male seeking a female partner.

Getting back to today's quote. It is important to feel good within or inside. Some our fortunate enough to find this inner good feeling, however, many tend to hustle with the environment and have this requirement to show the world they are feeling good.

Some would say this requirement of wanting the world to know you are feeling good, has emerged from the digital social world, where we tend to spend a-lot of our day.

There is an argument one could put forward for today's quote. If I am swimming through a tough phase in life, it is not necessary to inform the world. Tough times visit us all in life. We tend to feel a little vulnerable and protective around these temporary circumstances. The argument lies around showing the world around that everything is OK, when it is actually not from within.

The quote is directed towards life in general. Obstacles are temporary, and the best way to overcome obstacles is the ability to radiate a positive aura, even when life is not as great as it actually is.

I would adhere to the quote above for life in general. However, I would go against the thought in order to deal with short term challenges.

Hoping to continue this practice of writing frequently. Please share your comments with what you feel about the quote shared today. Wishing you all good health, patience and perseverance to overcome challenges around us.

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