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Just Do It ..

Discipline is doing it no matter what your emotional state is..

God bless you

Please workout

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This is probably the best one line phrase to get the message across. While I regularly remind and inform friends, family and kin to workout, the key is discipline. Some age at 20, while some are young at even 80.

Physical and emotional health must be nurtured over a period of time. There are no shortcuts in life. Most people who adopt shortcuts, face long term repercussions. Nothing is easy, the next time you walk past a perfectly shaped individual with abs, don't be envious, respect the effort put in my the individual.

I have been swimming through my school life, represented my school and my house. While I was average swimmer, I did burn sweat and live tough training days. Alcohol has spoilt my ripped tummy, but thankfully 10+ years of tough training keeps the core within strong. In order to get ripped again, I have to give up on carbs, salt and possibly some sugar as well. Would I do it, hoping to get the will and discipline within.

Some of my uncles and senior family members have managed to adhere to a strict morning workout routine, and stand straight and with little or no health issues. I also know of friends as old as I am, with very poor lifestyles who have suffered from heart attacks, recovered and continue to partially practice unhealthy habits. Happiness is a choice, you have to decide on whether the extra cheese stick or an apple is important. Most people have this excuse of 'living for today', and abuse themselves with very poor lifestyles. While some manage to be lucky and do not suffer as they grow older, most suffer with irrevocable circumstances. Make the right choice today.

Today's message is awesome and true. No matter what you are going through in life, a small morning 15-30 minute workout can change your day.

Cheers to good health .. Stay blessed, motivated and happy.

Just Do It :)

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