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Just Do It

Life gives you three choices, give up, give in or give it all you've got.

God bless you

Please workout

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Hmm! This is probably the most common and the most simplest ways to approach life in general. Ideally everyone is expected to choose the third option above, but not all of us succeed in making this choice.

There are probably a zillion examples we could read through online. I can share a personal goal I chase on a daily basis, where I decided to choose option 3, in my life.

I was only in the 7th grade, when my brother's friend Preet, introduced me to weight training and the dumb bell. I was already a part of a competitive swim team in school and the club. He gifted me a set of 25 pound dumbbells. I still have them, in my Kolkata house. Unfortunately, I did not learn the right way to put use of these dumb bells, but I never the less decided to give it all I had. Only if I had access to the youtube content back then, I would have probably had far better results to my regular effort in trying to build muscle. Swimming built me a lean structure, and the dumb bell, gave me strength.

In college I joined a local gym, grew a little bulk, but never managed to bulk up to the level I desired. I even managed to get injured in 2005. It is only in 2012, when I continued my effort towards building strength and bulk, that I actually started getting results. It is 2022, and I have still not given up, I get up every morning with a smile, looking forward to my next workout routine.

In the year 2000, I had a waist line of 28. I was most ripped, with close to zero fat on my body. It is 20+ years now, and I have gained the desired bulk, but lost the ripped abdomen I once had. Age is only a number, and I am sure, I will get back the ripped abdomen.

All of us face these choices everyday, in every walk of life.

This morning I heard my kids teaching telling her to hurry up, finish the work given quickly. While my kid completed the task she was given, I was wondering whether she at the age of 4, should be a part of the rat race?

Some would say there is no rat race. Some would say just do what you love. Doing what you love as an occupation, is like finding true love. True love is another days article I would like to write upon. I believe you have to be really lucky to find work you love doing. I am blessed to have found some synergy with my passion and my occupation. However, I do not believe it is true for most. Most of us our compelled to bring the bread home from work, we may or may not like. Some of us are also compelled to choose higher studies on the basis of market trends, and not the love for a subject.

Life is short. Choose wisely in every decision you make in life. Some end up saving for a future they don't get to live in, while some spend everything for the present, and have nothing left for the future.

Would be super to get your comments on this thought. Please add you views. Have a blessed day.

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