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Kindness does not have a language

Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

God bless you

Please workout

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Over the last 5+ years I have had the fortune of representing startups worldwide. One important learning I would like to share with you, is "Kindness does not need a language". While most of the people in my industry read and speak english, there are a few markets where they prefer local languages. I have never had any challenges in reaching out and connecting with professionals even from these markets.

Animals, especially domesticated ones like dogs and cats do not need a language to know how much their family appreciate them. I owned a dog for 17+ years. His pedigree called him the Raja of Multan. I named him 'Roger'. Roger was a whippet, with white and brown patches. His home coming was not planned. In school I represented the swimming team. A fellow team member had a whippet, who gave birth to a litter of pups. He asked me whether I would like to adopt one of them. I was keen on getting one, and took it home. My parents were gracious enough to let us have Roger.

Roger recognised our love and kindness, even though he never spoken our language. He recognised our kind gestures as he grew up to be a loving dog. His love for me was easy to recognise, when I returned from school.

Be kind in your everyday life, and you will connect with many people. Those who can reciprocate your kindness and those who may just want to use you. I do not believe we should change our approach in life. When you embrace kindness in your stride, you tender to be a good listener, be social, be generous, be courteous and be helpful among many other

People who are kind, do not need to announce and project, how kind they are. They resonate a positive energy. This positive energy is felt when you are in their presence.

Would be super to read your thoughts and views about kindness. Do you feel kindness is important? Do you think kind people are stupid? hoping to read your comments.

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