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Let it go

The key to a happy life is to live in the moment and appreciate what you have.

Wishing us all supreme health.

Find sometime during the day to invest into the well being of your mental and physical health.

Happiness is one of the many positive emotional states many of us desire. Most of us remain happy through the initial stages of life, infancy, childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. Most of us have a happy early life, without having to find or seek a reason to be happy.

Where does happiness go?

Does it get lost?

You can be happy right now. The important step towards your immediate happiness is to "let it go". Stop worrying about circumstances, the environment and the people around you. Not all, but the ones you cannot control.

Unfortunately, most of us are not happy in life due to this desire to control what we cannot. Our parents and children are probably the closest human kin we have in our individual lives. I personally just realised, they cannot be controlled. Children grow up into mini adults very quickly and parents grow up to become old kids. When you try and control the mini adult and old kid in your life, life can become unreasonable. Happiness lies in the ability to make a sincere effort to try and influence both. But to "let it go", when there is no success in alignment of thoughts, is the first step towards giving everyone happiness.

The ability to keep everyone in your life happy, is a myth. Cause happiness is intertwined with so many other emotions, triggered by so many events. Here is a list of positive emotional states which directly or indirectly relate to happiness; Joy, Love, Gratitude, Contentment, excitement, Awe, Pride, Amusement, Serenity, Optimism, Enthusiasm, Inspiration, Hope, Satisfaction, Confidence, Compassion, Appreciation, and Trust.

Some people do not like to be reminded to be positive in life. I used send out a daily message to friends, colleagues and family. The message was a positive message with a good wish for the day and blessings towards being healthy. While some people were courageous enough to tell me they did not like the morning message, most of the other cowards just blocked me. I managed to continue the practice for 10+ years, I hope to start the same again. I guess the discipline to be able to write down your thoughts everyday requires an internal drive. Hope to find the driver soon.

I thought keeping my parents with me would make them happy. But I was wrong, they do not like the city I live in. They want to live in the city they love. They want to eat the food they love. They want to live in the house they love. I guess as my son grows up and becomes an adult who can fend for himself, he will also learn to love a city, a cuisine and a lifestyle, which as an ageing adult may not appreciate.

"let it go" is probably the first step towards removing challenges in your mind. Freeing up some of the processing power to appreciate what you have in control.

There are so many buildings around us. Some small, some mid sized and some large. We thrive to move into larger dwellings as we professional get better at what we do. The challenge though lies with keeping connected among your own as the house gets bigger. There are many wooden and concrete dwellings you will move in and out of. The ability to convert the dwelling into a home, lies in the individual effort a family can put together, to make the place give a sense of belonging, comfort and security.

My son is growing up quick. He will probably be taller than me in another year. He hardly hangs with us, and lives in his world of gaming, sports and anime. The only way I can connect now is either participating in a sport he likes or playing a game he likes or watching content he appreciates. Most orthodox parenting techniques will coax me to put my son on a strict disciplinary routine, till he finishes school and then university. If he does not learn to love what he ends up doing as an adult, will he be happy.

Is it every a good time to "let it go", when it comes to parenting?

Is it OK to still be parenting and looking after your child, when she or he is post 50years of age?

I do not believe there is a normal to the questions above. I guess it depends on individual circumstances and partially towards karma. What I have learnt to belief, is that you cannot control all of your environment, and you have to learn to "let it go", if you want to be happy.

This could be such an interesting topic to discuss.

Hoping to write more soon. Please do share your thoughts around the topic in the comment section. It would be super to get more insights on your view about today's topic. Wishing you all supreme health.

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