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Listening is an important skill..

Listen to silence.. it has so much to say

God bless you with a super morning

Please workout

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I posted this thought, early one morning when I had woken up as usual to complete my days workout. Before I start the workout, I normally pace up and down the house to warm up the body. At around 6.10a in the morning, standing by the balcony and feeling the cool breeze was an amazing feeling. Very few are fortunate enough to appreciate silence, especially early morning silence.

I would like to however, clarify that this silence is not similar to the silence you would experience in space, but silence accompanied with subtle sounds. Sounds off leaves and the occasional bird or two.

When you are able to appreciate this silence, there is so much to accept and learn from it.

I have on a personal level been trying to meditate every morning, before I engage with a workout. I guess it takes time to reach a level of calmness to be able to listen to the silence within.

This thought has been shared with a plea to everyone reading, that this practice of being able to listen to silence, is essential for us all.

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