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Make the most of opportunities

It is not about getting the right opportunities. It is about handling the opportunities optimally.

God bless you

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We have 8+ billion people across the world. Some have tried to count celebrities worldwide. The new digital world has celebrities being born practically every week. Even today probably less than 1% of the world population are famous and have a group of people following them in some part of the world.

So many of us are talented yet not famous. Why? Is true talent available in the hands of only a few? I do not believe there is a simple answer. Opportunities do not knock on your door everyday. It is imperative to explore and evaluate every opportunity that comes your way. Successful people according to me are people, who were in the right place at the right time and grabbed the opportunity.

People complain about their circumstances and reassure themselves god will help them out of their troubles. Most people do not realise that god will not come to you in the form of a fairy god mother or in some other celestial form. People around you will be god's eyes, ears, mouth and limbs. I believe god is in each and every one of us. Recognise the support sends your way. Do not believe in fairy tales. God did not write these stories, human beings did.

Any and every opportunity that comes your way is magical. Appreciate every opportunity and thank every person who sends it your way. People who bring you opportunities represent god. Be grateful even if you were not able to accept the opportunity.

I know people who have not been able to appreciate these messengers of god. Some people have also maligned the intentions and character of these messengers. Why would you try and hurt someone who helps you? Weird but there are some real world characters.

Next time you hear about a frightening opportunity, do not hesitate to explore and evaluate the same.

I regret leaving to super opportunities. One was to work with a government security agency, and another was to lead infrastructure for a french firm. I had received both these opportunities when I was young. I was not mature enough to appreciate them, and not brave enough to embrace them. I guess you become a brave professional with experience in the work place.

I request you to share your experience and thoughts in the comment section. Hoping to share quotes and my views around the same everyday.

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