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Never Give Up!

You cannot beat someone, who never gives up.

God bless you

Please workout

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Recently watched a series on Apple TV+ called 'Trying'. A very simple story with numerous examples of general life and its challenges. Everyone is trying to achieve something, love, money, health, peace, success, business, friends, and the list never ends. We have all faced challenges in life. While some have overcome challenges from the past to become stronger, some of us are presently facing challenges.

Your individual spirit is the key to assist you overcome personal challenges. Some would say it is easy to recommend solutions, when you do not face the challenge yourself. I believe no matter what challenge you are facing in life, it is important to embrace a positive spirit. Some people never give up, and it is impossible to defeat these people.

I was just about to write something negative, when I realised this blog was built to spread positivity. A family member has been struggling for more than 4+ years with his business endeavour. While many have told him to quit business and go back to a regular job, he has shown everyone, how to maintain a positive spirit and establish the business over a period of time. If he gave up, and went back to a regular job, he would have never been able to achieve what he has.

People like to adhere to the normal, but what is the normal? We tend to mimic many non-human mammals, and tend to follow what our environment easily accept. Some people have gathered the courage to lead others by radically changing the way we would conduct ourselves among others. These people adhere to a continuous effort, till they succeed in adding a new way to the human normal. Some examples of such amazing people, would be the man who said the earth was not flat, the man who discovered the light bulb or the man who discovered the telephone. There are obviously so many more worth mentioning, but then this post would never end. Some examples from today would be the young female scientist who have discovered a feasible way to edit human DNA, the man who built the first reusable rocket ship and so many others who are continuing to disrupt what we know as the normal.

All of these people have one quality in common, they never gave up.

The start of your day is very important. Make sure you start your day with abundant positive energy. If you have a tough time starting your day, just remind yourself, there are at least 600+ million people on this planet who are less fortunate than you are.

I will keep trying to write daily on my blog, and keep the same up for you to red and share your thoughts. Please do share your thoughts in the comments.

Start your day with some physical exercise. See yourself glow from within, after you complete the same. Have a blessed day.

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