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No shortcuts in life..

If want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

God bless you

Please workout

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This is probably the most important quote and lesson we must all learn. People do not recognise a struggle or failure. Everyone enjoys and celebrates success. The quote shared above reminds us, that we all need to face hardships before succeeding in any path we choose in life.

Appreciate every achiever around you. These people have given up a lot in life to get what they have today. I can relate to being physically fit and many who have worked really hard to build lean and symmetric bodies. None of it is easy. Whether you are trying to gain body weight or lose a few pounds.

I am grateful and blessed to have been a part of rigorous sports regime as a child in school. I believe I have always had a very high BMR, due to which my body has been lean throughout. I have always wanted to be bulky, for which I started working out in school. I never managed a calorie surplus in all my years of working out. This never helped me gain the bulk I wished for. I am yet to see the rainbow in my personal goal, however I continue to endure the rain.

Similar to my effort of trying to gain some body mass, I know of many friends and family, who struggle with the task of trying to lose body mass. Some people have found shortcuts to losing body weight, like stringent food diets, surgeries and super normal medication. I personally do not believe in these shortcuts. Whether you want to gain or lose body weight, a combination of physical exercise and calorie consumption, is the key.

My elder brother and I were blessed to be a part of a competitive swimming team as kids. My brother really worked hard with the trainer, and broke all the records in school, clubs and also represented the state.

While most of us end up competing with other people, the successful people learn how to compete with themselves. They get better and better in what they do.

Wishing you an awesome start to the week. Hope you find your rainbow. Please do share your experiences around the quote I shared today. Hoping to receive your comments.

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