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Optimism is a magnet ..

Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.

God bless you

Please workout

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All of us face some challenge or the other in life. While some smile at the most difficult challenges in life, others tend to fret and fall before the smallest of them. Optimism is not appreciated by all. In fact some people find it difficult to be around people who express happiness. If you build an happy aura around you, who tend to attract others with a similar persona.

Ever since I have been sending my morning good wishes with a reminder to stay fit, many people reciprocate this positive vibe. Some have called me, and requested me to remove them from my morning broadcast. Some call me the 'blessed one'. Some greet me with a 'bless you' taunt. Have these varied reactions from my environment affected me, not really. I have managed to continue this practice of morning greetings since 2012.

Some people have blocked my number for these morning messages I send. They have also admitted to the number blocking on conversations we have had. I believe my morning message keeps me visible among my friends, family and coworkers.

An old friends / coworker called me today, to share a business requirement. This was completely unexpected. May be my daily morning messages, my regular consumer service technology updates, would have got his attention. We spoke almost 3 months ago. It was an absolutely casual chat with no relation to work.

I believe in the the quote I shared today. I have experienced good things and good people around me. Today I connected with my first professional superior. Hoping to meet him virtually soon. I was only a computer service engineer when we last worked together. God has been kind and I have been awarded with so much of work.

It would be super to hear your stories. Do you think there is a need to wear a positive attitude? Have you played the role of a happiness magnet in your life? Have you encouraged anyone to embrace a healthy lifestyle? Hoping to share your interesting experiences with my readers.

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