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Optimism is like a charger

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

Request all my readers to workout.

There is no alternative to health.

Always try and keep your mind, body and food healthy.

Good morning, to you all.

Today's quote has always helped me, get challenging times. I am sure it does absolutely the same for many others who have picked optimism over others. Just like your mobile phone gets charged with a charging adapter, optimism chargers your soul. We have all had our share of challenging times, and while some people choose to sulk others just smile through the same.

A very close relative of mine has been through hell and back over the last few years. He suffered miserably in his professional career, thanks to a few mistakes committed. The professional world is ruthless, and when a leader falls, everyone including the ant rejoices the fall.

A lesson I learnt from my relative, was how he managed to swim through every storm with a warm smile. He took every humiliation from around the world with a smile. After 4+ years of a constant struggle to stand up again from the fall, this individual chose optimism over everything else.

You would wonder whether he has managed to overcome the fall completely. The answer is partially yes, he has learnt how to stand, he has started walking again and with his perseverance and optimism, I am sure he will be running soon.

Our individual lives are very small, and our individual significance in the larger scheme of the planet and the universe is also not as large we believe it to be.

When you ignore the negative around you, and focus on the positive, everyday is good. Some people do not appreciate optimism, and they try to humiliate people with a optimistic outlook.

As a practice I message friends and colleagues across my social connects with a good morning message and a positive quote from life. One of my professional contacts, called me and requested me not to send him the morning positive quote. I removed him from my morning broadcast list. Did I wonder why he requested me to remove his number! No. I did not even ask him. I remind friends and family the important of staying fit with a quote which instil a positive thought when you start the day.

Ever since I have trained my mind to be optimistic and positive at the start of each day. Life for me has radically transformed, from being pulled down by the small challenges we overcome everyday.

Train you mind to charge optimism in you when ever you can. The charge of optimism is needed through every walk of life. Not only the morning, but whenever you get a chance, convince yourself to be optimistic.

Cheers to a great start to your thrusday, and please share your views around this quote. Hoping to engage with you and read about your experience around being charged with optimism.

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