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The force created by a person's action ..

Do good and good will come to you..

It is that simple

God bless you

Please workout

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We often experience instant karmic gratification in life. While god has been kind to me, and allowed me to stay on the right path of life. Many of us are not fortunate enough to stay clear of temptation, greed, ego, envy, pride, and so many other feelings which lead to a reaction. A cosmic reaction we believe in. Unfortunately while this is an extremely logical approach to life, most of us in India are blinded by religion. Instead of believing in our own abilities and controlling our own actions, we fall prey to probabilistic astrologers and humans claiming to be gods messengers.

Instead of using additional resources towards improving our society, we would rather spend the resources behind rituals which wash away our inhuman crimes.

The luxury of doing good probably only exists in the matrix. Humorous, but I strongly believe every individual across planet earth who are honestly paying taxes to their respective governing bodies, have taken the 'blue pill'. For those of you who have seen 'THE MATRIX', this reference to the blue pill, would be easy to comprehend.

Since, the universe has been kind to me, I have decided to try and practice this simple rule. So far, life has not troubled me much while, I have managed to adhere to being good to every animate and inanimate object surrounding me.

I shared this thought across hoping it will be adopted by someone, somewhere who is equally fortunate and is able to appreciate what they have been gifted with.

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