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Pain is a lesson

Pain will leave you, once you have learnt the lesson.

God bless you

Please workout

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Apologies to all my readers for being away for days. While I have managed to keep my morning workout happen everyday, I have not managed to write everyday for the last few days. Today's thought has both visible and invisible examples.

Some visible examples would be the preparation for any sport. I have been fortunate to have some super swimming coaches through school. One coach delivered the above quote above with 'No pain no gain'. He trained us in the club, and reminded us everyday, before we entered the pool. While I was a good swimmer, represented my school and club, my brother was super competitive. He broke records in school and club competitions. He gained speed, with the pain he endured with special training he received in the club.

Most of us dream of growing ripped ab muscles. School during the swimming season was super fun for all of us, representing school. We swum for an hour before school, 2 hours after school and another 2 hours in the club, on any given swimming season. In school our coach ensured we worked on building strong abs. Most of us who managed to do these exercises, have naturally ripped abs even today. Again a simple example of naturally formed abs, due to the early pain endured in school.

I loved soccer as a child. Unfortunately, our swimming coach never allowed us to play soccer or rugby, as he did not want us to get injured and miss out on a swimming competition that may come by. Our school football coach, was also very dedicated to the sport. Most of the school team soccer players who took the exercises seriously, probably have super strong legs even today. I am still connected to a few friends from school and they have super strong legs, thanks to this early pain endured.

Invisible pain like loss of a family member, health issues, mental traumas, child abuse, financial issues, and so many other forms. I know of friends, who are super successful in life today. Some of their stories are just like a movie you would enjoy watching on the silver screen. This particular friend's parents have gone through extreme financial turmoil. Even though they had a windfall of wealth that entered their lives, they did not learn from the troubles they had at the start of their losses. They burnt all the cash, and went back to living with limited resources. The probable reason why the pain of financial void continues to haunt his parents, is they are yet to learn the lesson, which needs to be learnt.

Parents are extremely important to each one of us. The loss or absence of either parent as a child, is pain which cannot be explained. Not sure what lesson this type of pain is supposed to teach an infant, however there is definitely a purpose of the pain.

I have personally learnt over the last few years of exercising every morning, that pain is good. It keeps us alert and aware. Cheers to a great December to all my viewers. Wishing you all a blessed day. Please do share your experiences and thoughts in the comments section. Do keep reading.

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