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Patience is special

One who is able to master patience is the master of everything else.

God bless you

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Patience is a special ability, and very few of us are blessed with this skill. Patience is a precious skill, and those who master it, master everything else in life. Time is priceless, and patience is the key to manage time. Patience leads to many advantages.

With patience on your side, you are able to get things done easily. Impatient people tend to quit tasks with ease. I have seen my wife master this skill with our children. Teaching requires patience, and every teacher has definitely mastered this skill. My daughter is 4 years old, and teaching her is probably the most difficult task one could experience. I have tried once or twice, but not succeeded. My wife has this amazing ability to communicate with her while she plays, and gets my daughter to learn and complete her tasks.

People who are able to remain calm most of the times, are able to live in the moment. You will find people asking teachers, colleagues and friends to repeat what they said. This happens when you are not living in the moment. Living in the moment ensures you are able to grab every thought and word spoken. This ability to live in the moment, will ensure you never miss out on opportunities.

The ability to be calm and patient, reduces stress. You are able to relax and enjoy the happenings that are life. Most of the people who are feeling stressed, are the ones who get disturbed with little delays we face in our day-to-day activities. You are easily able to find stressed people in public offices. While most people patiently wait for their turn, you will find some who get agitated.

Creative people across the world have patience. Patience is a pre-requisite for being creative. Your mind is able to think clearly when it is at rest. The best ideas come to us when we remain calm. When you face a problem you cannot solve, take a pause. Be calm, and give your mind some time to think. The solutions often come to us, when we stay calm.

People who master the skill of patience, have more time, focus and are generally more thoughtful. You cannot get everything done at once, and this ability to space out your daily tasks is possible only if you resort to the use of patience. If you are able to squeeze more time out from a day, who will get more done. Completing tasks with patience also increases the accuracy in the work done. Patient people are focused.

I am learning and re-learning this skill everyday. Taking care of children and ageing parents are probably tasks which help you master this skill. This pandemic has forced us all to acquire the skill of patience. I hope I am able to master this skill as I keep learning from my environment. Lunchclub is a super platform for professionals to engage, from across the world. I am re-learning the ability to listen. I believe patience is a prerequisite in order to be a good listener. A friend and mentor, once told me, listening is a very important skill to acquire.

I have been a systems engineer for the first 10 years of my professional career. One of the key skills I needed to use was patience. While everyone around you is agitated and restless, as a system engineer you need to stay calm, and focus on the problem you are trying to resolve.

I believe reading is also a skill which is dependent on patience. Thank you for reading, and please share your thoughts around today's quote. Have a blessed day and cheers to mastering this important life skill.

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