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Perception of power

Thank god for the SIMPLE things, like being alive.

God bless you

Please workout..

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One could probably write a book on this topic. Being grateful makes me feel blessed for all the little things in life. While some religious practices teach us to be grateful, some get us to believe we are a part of gods family.

I had an interesting conversation with my parents. I asked them what if god looked like a cockroach or butterfly. Their reaction was priceless. They said god cannot look like insects. While I have not had the privilege of meeting almighty. I personally believe god has no physical form. It is our human ego, that pictures god in human form. There are many spiritual practices defining god as energy. Some people have even tried to measure the soul. Interesting experiment done by a physician called Duncan MacDougall. You can read some more about this here.

Some people will argue that god has walked earth, as mentioned in many scriptures from different religious practices. Halos around the head, Flying or levitating on over the ground, bringing people back from the dead, healing wounds, and many other stories. If god is omnipresent, why would god need to walk on earth? Why would god need to mix with human beings? I do not have answers to some of these magical stories from history. I have learnt to believe that there is a supreme balance. Whether this balance is a management authority high above like portrayed in stories, or whether it is just energy, would be super to know the truth.

There is no compulsion to know the truth. We only need to live and let live. Most people are fortunate enough to have simple and humble environments. There are also quite a few who have complexed environments to wade through as children.

I believe the key to being happy is to be grateful for what you have today. Grateful for the fact that there are millions of people who are less fortunate in this life. While some people have the courage and will to make life better for others. The least we can do is refrain from troubling other people. The first place to start is probably at home. Try not to willing create problems for your parents. Be respectful to parents at all times, also be respectful to people in and around home. Servants are not slaves, they are also human beings, who are working to earn a living. If you treat them with respect, you will not become a lesser human being.

They say god creates everything. Well your parents created you. If you do not realise that they are as close to the real walking god, then you have probably missed a very important lesson in life.

Be thankful for food and shelter, be grateful for work and the ability to work. Appreciate gods gift in the form of good health, patience and perseverance. Be super grateful for family, friends and coworkers. I have learned to respect all animate and inanimate matter around me. You would probably think I am crazy, but there is no harm, in being happy with what comes your way. Be kind and helpful, but draw a boundary when people take advantage.

Have a blessed day.. and thank you god to inspire me to write and share my feelings with people across the world.

I am sure many of you will have views around god, supreme beings and energy. Would be super to read your point of view. Please share your experience in the comments.

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