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Relationships are not perfect ..

Every relationship depends on sacrifice.. if you are unwilling to sacrifice do not expect a healthy relationship with anyone

God bless you

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As time passes by you learn the importance of sacrifice. Every relation in our life depends on sacrifice. Some of you may not agree to this statement. From the time we are born, till we depart from our bodies, every stage. Mother's sacrifice for her child, father's sacrifice for his family, teacher's sacrifice for a school children, wife's sacrifice for her husband, and husband's sacrifice for his wife. There are endless count of relations where sacrifice plays an important role in the relationship life cycle.

I have seen many relationships blossom and also witnesses many wither away with time. I believe mutual respect is the key or the first step towards growing the ability to sacrifice. If you do not respect the other individual in the relationship, then there is no question of sacrifice. Time is the most precious possession we have in our individual lives. As we grow older, some of us realise how important it is.

Choose wisely on whom you want to build a relation with as you grow older. Whether it is a Company | Organisation you want to join, or whether it is a friendship you are planning to pursue. Every individual has secrets, some of these secrets are pleasant while some of them are not pleasant. Try to avoid keeping secrets from people you care about. These secrets will come back and haunt you, when you least expect them.

A friend is going through a tough phase in his life. He shared details about the harsh circumstances he is having to face. While he has probably been a true in many aspects in his life, he has obviously done some wrong in life, in order to face what he is today. I personally every negative action has an equal opposite action headed our way. No matter how disrespectful someone is to you, avoid inflicting the same back.

Be grateful, be kind and try and respect every animate and inanimate surrounding. Considering the present environment across the world, it is difficult to hold on the above practices. Most people who have managed to keep calm and adhere to these values. Have a blessed day, and please do share your thoughts around this quote shared today.

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