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Respect everything

Be nice to people on the way up, because you may meet them on the way down.

God bless you

Please workout

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Respect for everything around you, is probably the most important lesson we may need to learn in this lifetime. Religious practices around the world is supposed to teach you the basic ability to respect the visual image of the supreme power we refer to as god. What most religious practices across the world fail to teach us, is the ability to respect everything around us.

The 2020 pandemic has got us all to realize that we are not as significant as we consider ourselves to be. True or not true, this showdemic has taken many lives. Most people who have had to part with their physical presence, have perished in medical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes.

The present war between Russia and Ukraine and many others, are being fought only with one motive. The false human ego and the inability to respect other fellow human beings.

While schools around the world teach us language, logic and physical fitness, most schools are missing out on this important teaching. 'Respect everything around you' animate and inanimate, that all occupy space, which must be respected.

The thought I found today, is beautifully articulated, telling us all that life is a sine wave. They will be good times and there will be challenging times. You will soar and fall as time moves on, and you live your life. Try not to disrespect people when you are successful. Success is not a permanent phenomena. Good times are not permanent.

I have seen people abandon friends as they transition from living a simple life, to a life which demands a higher standard of spending. Most people I have interacted with who fly high, do not have good friends. They have people bees flocking to their wealth, falsely praising them. These people bees disappear when the honey is no longer visible.

Our circumstances are volatile, you have good mental and physical health today, but you may not have the same tomorrow. Be extremely grateful for what you have today. Cherish the people, your belongings, your health and your environment today. Be thankful, that you are blessed to be where you are in life. As there are many out there wanting to live the life you live today.

Would be super to read your comments and experiences around this thought. Apologies for not writing everyday. Hoping to adhere to this task everyday. Hope to see your comments and wish you all a blessed day.

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