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Results drive us onward ...

Once you see results, it becomes an addiction.

God bless you

Please workout

Have an awesome day

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I can totally relate to this quote. I am sure many of us, who are now addicted to a morning physical fitness routine will also agree. Positive results motivate us to work towards the goal further. This repetitive process then becomes a good habit and some times an addiction we cannot live without. I have been lucky to adhere to a daily morning exercise routine for the last five years. This routine is now a habit and an addiction for me.

This observation is true for every goal in life. Both personal and professional goals are driven by efforts. Tiny positive results drive us towards working harder, becoming self driven, and challenging ourselves with more to do.

I have been inclined as an individual towards exercise since middle school. I was never guided accurately as a child, and did not experience change or results. After moving out of Kolkata and living along for a year, I learned a few free hand exercises. These exercises were super, and showed results in less than one month. I continued this practice ever since.

I have been working for start-ups since 2015. Regular positive results have kept me charged every morning to keep going at my business development efforts.

I know of many people, however, who have relentlessly been trying everyday, with little or no results. What keeps them going? Hope, resilience, determination, belief and strong will are just few of the qualities some of these people hold on to. While some have the choice of changing direction or pivoting from their efforts, many do not have the option to pivot.

I believe effort and luck need to coincide for positive results to appear. Most people do not believe in luck. If you consider population vs opportunities, luck is definitely an important ingredient for positive results.

Wishing you all a super success and positive results in your individual efforts. Please do share your thoughts in the comments section. Would be super to receive your participation and good wishes.

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