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Sacrifices we make ..

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

There is no change without sacrifice.

God bless you

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Simple yet very powerful thought. If you think about it, there is actually no change without sacrifice. Either you sacrifice time or resources towards reaching a goal you set for yourself. There are so many different perspectives to life. While some chase money, other chase happiness.

It is easy for some to focus on goals related to happiness, finding the soul and also seeking good health and a lean body. Most of the people focusing on these goals, usually do not have to focus on getting basic needs. People mostly sacrifice time to be rewarded with resources.

Time is an extremely valuable resource which can not be replaced. I know of many parents who are working day and night to accumulate wealth for a relaxed and comfortable old age. They are sacrificing time today, time they could spend with children, to give their children what ever they want in life. Once this time is lost, it cannot be regained.

I am not privileged to know the lives of many, however, I believe early hardships in life make us strong. Make us resilient and humble human beings. Most of the children I have observed who do not face challenges early in life, do not respect and appreciate what they have in life.

Is it sensible to give up or sacrifice the time you can give to your child today for a better tomorrow? Is there an assured tomorrow? I have been very luck in life to be in the right place at the right time. I believe the sacrifice I have decided to make in my life towards my kids, will give them some memories to cherish, as we grow older as a family.

Am I happy? Are we happy as a family? I believe we are, we have learned to love and appreciate the little things in life. We have a mutual acceptance towards the time we are able to sacrifice for each other. While my children are still young, and probably do not understand this concept of sacrificing time yet, I am sure they will understand as they grow older.

People around you are struggling everyday. Struggling to manage these sacrifices against their individual goals. The examples are infinite, and hilarious as well. Seen so many trying to gain weight, lose weight, gain wealth, gain peace, gain health, eat well, eat less, find free time, find friends, avoid friends, etc etc. The list is long, and the challenges are complex.

The thought is simple, and true "There is no change without sacrifice". Please comment on this article with your views on this thought, and also share your experiences in the real world around sacrifices.

Do you think it is important to sacrifice in life? What did you sacrifice in your life to achieve a goal?

Wishing you a blessed weekend and supreme health.

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