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Only those who try ...

If you try you risk failure, if you don’t you ensure it

God bless you

Please workout

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A recent call with a lunchclub fellow member perfectly articulated the ingredients towards achieving success. He called it the 3T's which either make or break a new initiative. This morning message I shared on 07 Sep, 2021 with my social group perfectly defines a portion of this concept.

The message is quite clear, if you try there is a 50:50 chance of success vs failure. But if you do not try, you ensure a 100% failure for the initiative or contemplated action.

Coming back to the 3T's. In his illustration he drew up the percentage contribution of success as below -

1st T = Technology - contributing to about 10% to success.

2nd T = Team - The human element bring the relationship and product/ service to life - contributes 20% to success.

3rd T = Timing

The 3rd T contributing to 70% of success, actually holds a couple of elements within it. Some of these are luck, time, place, reach and environment. While not every individual is super successful, most of them who are, are those who have learnt how to never give-up. The relentless and continuous effort towards trying eventually aligns the other important sub-elements together. The act of constantly trying leads to becoming lucky, providing the perfect service of the time, age, region and environment.

If you are passionate enough to chase something dear, you will achieve it. I am not an atheist, but i do not appreciate idol worship. I do believe in energy and a supreme energy which recognises effort.

For all those struggling to achieve a target or goal, be true, be kind and never lose focus.

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