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Sleep Early to rise early

The bad news is time flies,

The good news is you are the pilot..

Please find time to keep your mind, body and soul happy.

For me working out every morning is the source of true happiness.

Some people would probably call me insane, but once you get used to it, you will find it difficult to skip a day.

Many people I know, find my routine of sleeping early and rising early to be different. I have managed to restart my early morning gym routine. A few days ago, it was like almost impossible to wake up early and get out of the bed. If given a chance, I am sure most of us our capable of sleeping for more than 10+ hours a day. Is it needed, is it healthy, I honestly am not sure. But with about 7-8 hours of sleep, I feel energised all day.

I have personally benefitted by being able to sleep early and rise early. I simply have more time to workout, finish work, plan the day ahead and so much more. The morning workout charges my soul with happiness, which helps me focus on happiness through the day.

Rising early in the day, does not mean every day will be perfect, and that one will not face any challenges, it just helps you focus on being happy and positive through your days experience.

Sleeping early is a prerequisite for one to be able to rise early. The availability of infinite entertainment options surrounding us on different digital gadgets, distract us from being able to focus, calm down and sleep. If you can limit your engagement with digital entertainment, your mind will calm down, allowing you to sleep early.

Sometimes work keeps you up late, but that is a rare occurrence. Would be super to hear from you all, about your views and experiences around today's quote. Most people who have managed to incorporate an early sleep and early rising habit, have benefited from the practice.

If given the environment and chance to adopt this beneficial way of life, would you? Hoping to receive a few comments from my readers.

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