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Some will go to any extent to fit in ..

Arrogance is the camouflage of insecurity..

God bless you

Please workout

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There is no dearth of arrogant people around us today. Most of these people are extremely insecure within. They are unable to cope with the present failures, and tend to live in past achievements. Is arrogance a need? Should we allow this emotion to surface?

Most emotions that surface are a reaction. I do not believe we can control emotions, but we can definitely choose whether to allow the emotion to surface. Some people allow arrogance to surface all the time. Deep down, these people are suffering. While some are aware of the reason for suffering, others are not even aware of the reasons.

I know only a few people in my professional and personal life, who fit this character. I have never tried to speak sense to these people, as they pose to know it all in life. According to my experience in life, learning is a constant, and the source of learning is your environment. We are fortunate enough to have access to unlimited knowledge. Those who claim to know it all, are not open to learning. Or they probably have learnt so much, they are tired of learning.

Our world is constantly changing, while books, online media and professional courses help you learn, I believe talking to strangers across the world is also a super way to exchange ideas and enhance your learning avenues.

Arrogant people are boastful about their achievements and abilities, with the keen objective of attempting to demean others. Confidence, on the other hand, stems from true self-worth, a belief and pride in your achievements and abilities.

I am sure, while you read the above, you probably have a few faces surfacing in front :). The practice of demeaning one another for abilities differently available, is probably the most childish and immature way to assess your environment. I read a lovely quote this morning, which goes, "You will be loved when you are born, and when you die .. In between you gotta manage" :)

My personal advice, is to stay away from arrogant people.

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