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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Wishing you an amazing day.

God bless you with good health, patience and perseverance.

Life in the present day and age is finite. What we do with the time we have, is important. Some of us worry, while others do not care. We all have our personal targets we set in life. These targets widely vary from individual to individual.

The key to completing the journey to achieve these targets is simply the ability and will to 'start'. The quote i gathered today explains the first step as a start to the journey. For all the wants we have in life, making a move in the path towards the want is the key.

If you want to climb Mt. Everest, you need to make the required effort. You need to work hard towards the required fitness goals as the first step, before planning the journey. Similarly if you want to build a Company or an Organisation which will build products or services, the journey will start, when you are able to formulate in your mind every detail needed to achieve the same.

Nothing in life happens on its own. You need to move or act in order to achieve your wants.

I wanted to be physically fit since I was in school. I did not have access to the right resources and or the time needed to achieve this want. After working for a few years, I was lucky enough to be in the right environment to be able to start this healthy habit. At first I convinced my self to be consistent, and started working out every day at home. Once I was able to achieve this consistency, I joined a gym.

Most people fear or hesitate in taking the first step. We tend to feed our minds with reasons why we should not attempt to 'start'. These mental debates, often have a surplus of negative reasons which over rule the want.

As children we learn to walk, only after we are able to take the first step. Everything else in life can be achieved only when we muster the required courage to 'start'.

Cheers to your first step!

Wishing you all with infinite courage to take on every challenge to make the move and take your first step towards the goals and achievements we desire. I have many wants to fulfil in my individual life, and I will share the same in another blog post. I hope some of you have examples in sync with today's quote. Would be wonderful to read about your first step.

Wishing you an awesome 'start'.

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