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Tough to find Happy people ..

Happy are those who take life day by day, complain very little, and are thankful for the little things in life..

God bless you

Please workout..

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They say if you give a poor person a windfall of cash or resources he did not have, it will make him unhappy. You would probably wonder whether what I just said makes sense. Look at it this way - When you do not have resources or cash, you have nothing to lose, but when you have a lot of property, cash and resources, there is a lot to protect. Most of the people with lots of cash at home, have sleepless nights.

Happy people are difficult to find. Everyone has daily challenges to overcome. While some of us overcome these daily challenges and embrace happiness from our environment, many are not able to. Many of us remain unhappy due to unfinished tasks, or even challenges we are not able to solve on a given day.

While I also have many challenges to cope with on a daily basis, I prefer to find an activity that keeps me happy. I start my day with a workout, which charges me with happiness. I am blessed to be able to workout every morning for the last 5 years. While I am not perfectly shaped as an adult, the morning routine starts my day with happiness.

Most of us find it easy to blame someone else. I have learnt over a period of time to refrain from complaining. Keep trying to find a solution, keep trying to find an answer. The lesser you complain in life, the happier it gets. Many would complain it is easy to give such advice when the challenges are greater in life. I believe every individual, rich or poor have equal challenges, but the variety of challenges differ. While some people complain of financial issues, some complain of family issues, some around health issues, and many around mind or mental issues.

Another important task every day, is to be grateful. You will feel happier as an individual when you are grateful for all the small things in life. Time has taught me to be grateful for all the little and tiny gifts god pushes my way. Considering the present health challenges we all are suffering from due to the pandemic, I believe we all should feel grateful to be gifted with another day. So many young and old have lost their lives.

Simple rules we can embrace to be happy -

  1. Live each day

  2. Complain very little - Try to avoid complaining

  3. Be grateful

Would be super to get your comments around this thought. Please share your experience and views in the comments.

Have a blessed day and a great week ahead.

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