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Unexpected outcome ..

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly..

God bless you

Please workout

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This is probably the most motivating post I have shared since I started my morning messaging initiative. And so true, this statement. So many of us easily give up, but the universal energy has plans. Plans with unexpected outcomes.

If you are on the right path, and are suffering for some reason. Never give in, stay true to yourself, and to your surrounding. Just like nature, life in general follows this rule of you get what you give. Those suffering today, are suffering only for a much better future, Or a lavish past they lived at the expense of others.

Just like the caterpillar had no idea, how beautiful the future was. Little did Colonel Harland Sanders know how successful KFC was going to be. We are all trying different things in life. But only those who try, see or discover a change.

This morning's message, is to motivate all those who feel their personal story is over. There is no to a fight, if you keep at it. Just never give up, and you will surprise yourself with success at a time and stage of life, you least expected.

Be honest and never willing hurt another life or soul. Rest is up to constant effort and luck.

Signing off today, with a humble plea to all with a difficult today, that tomorrow will be beautiful. Tomorrow will bring unexpected good. Just be honest!

And remember to nurture both your mind and body with good and positive feelings. Cheers to an awesome Sunday for all..

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