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Unlocking the Power of Loving What You Do

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs

Wishing us all good health.

Please find time in the day to be calm.

Find time in the day to practice some form of exercise.

Hello friends, been a while since I have written.

Have to find a dedicated slot in the day, when I write down a blog for you all to enjoy. I hope you enjoy what I write.

Steve Jobs was lucky and fortunate to be able to love his work. There are so many of us, doing work we would rather not do. The choice of being able to generate earnings from doing what you love is a myth for many.

There are industries which pay more in comparison to others. Most people end up trying to contribute in some way to these popular industries to make more money. This does not mean they love what they are doing. The human sheep syndrome is a real phenomenon, where people follow others blindly.

I do not disrespect religious practices, but it is a perfect example of people blindly following other people. As a growing Indian Hindu boy, I was also taught to believe in idol worship. I did believe in idol worship for a while. One incident in a temple changed my personal belief. I now believe the supreme being resided in everything that surrounds us. I also believe schools should teach children how to respect one another and respect everything around them.

I am blessed to be working in an industry, I truly love. An industry worth trillions of dollars. I have been a very inquisitive child, and remember breaking toys, to customize them to my liking. My parents were tolerant and probably did not care as I was the third child.

Technology is a vast industry encompassing a wide range of sectors, including software, hardware, telecommunications, artificial intelligence, and more. My love focuses on the ability to use technology to make life easier. Some say the older ways were better and less dependent on technology. Children today are exposed to technology early in life. Most of the kids have 100x the skill in comparison to their grandparents.

I believe and partially agree with the quote above. While I do believe great work is delivered when you love doing the same. However, the fortune or the choice of being able to make a career out of what you love is gifted to a few.

While some thrive to attain a career from what they love doing and fail, some achieve success by embracing a career in an activity they love.

While we continue to grow as a living race. There is a complex and enormous variety of colourful characters we see among people we engage with. In my personal journey, I have seen a few success stories, where love and work swim together. I have also seen a few examples of people feigning to love work, to fit into a conversation or a peer group.

Wishing you all a super day!

Hoping we all are blessed with an environment and the required courage to embrace a career in work we love.

Would be really super to get your views and thoughts on the quote shared.

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