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Children should be taught how to think, not what to think.

God bless you

Please workout..

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Going to school every day was fun. While it was fun for me, it was fun for many and not so much fun for a few. Getting up early in the morning was a nightmare for me as a child, but once I woke up, getting to school was the next step. My School prepared me to take on life. It charged me up as an individual. My school empowered me with confidence and the 'power of the gab'. Thanks to my school I played so many sports, and enjoyed so many other awesome activities. What is school supposed to do for a child?

I am not certain, but according to my experiences in life. School is supposed to teach a child how to think, how to communicate, how to collaborate, how to comprehend and most importantly how to respect one another. The morning thought today is important and hardly followed in schools today. From a few stories I gathered amongst friends and family, schools today teach you how to think, but also tell you what to think.

My school was privileged to have a beautiful library. Children were allowed to freely read and explore any subject they had interest in. I honestly never used this facility to the fullest, as I was inclined towards sport.

This morning a friend from school and I were discussing how our school has changed. He is lucky to be working in the field of building education reforms. We discussed children should be taught how to think for sure. What we agreed on, was children also need to learn the discipline, respect, and humility. Unfortunately, today thanks to reforms teachers do not have the permission to reprimand children as it were done 20+ years ago. Very challenging situation for teachers, as even if a child decides not to pay attention, or not complete tasks, the only measure is to complain to parents.

In our school, we feared the principal. Not because he enjoyed reprimanding children, because he reprimanded them only when there was no other option. Some friends I know who were beaten in the principal's office, believe this action was taken only to please certain parents. I do not believe the same. I managed to stay away from practices in school that attracted negative attention.

For those who were bullied in school, I doubt they have fond memories. It would probably be super if schools today can prevent children from body shaming one another. PT or physical training used to be a compulsion in our school. It should be a compulsion in every school as the first period. My morning mantra to stay is exercise, and if every student was conditioned to this practice, the second period in school for every child would start happy.

My schooling experience has definitely taught me how to think. My personal experiences have taught me what to think. I would be grateful if you would share your thoughts around the quote shared above. What do you think school should teach a child? Is humility an important lesson? Should children be taught what to think?

Have a blessed day and please adhere to some of physical exercise everyday.

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