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We often under-value our present ..

All good things come from gratitude..

God bless you

Please workout

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I have been very fortunate to have seen tough times early in life. It is my personal belief, that only a few fortunate people are selected to face hardships.

The younger generation today have access to every possible basic necessity with no limit. Yet, they are unable to appreciate its availability.

In my college days, when mobile internet was introduced in India, at 99 INR for a month, with no data limit. I remember download a movie in 3 days over a bluetooth GPRS connection. Today movies are downloaded in a minute. Infinite knowledge and learnings are available at no cost across the world.

I urge us all to be grateful for everything we have in life. While it is definitely important to be adventurous and go-getter, it is also extremely important to be able to appreciate the little details in life we take for granted.

I have learnt late in my life, but its better late than never. Health is a non-renewable privilege we are gifted with in our prime. Those who neglect this privilege, increase the probability of unfavourable future outcomes.

Wake up every morning with a single thought of being grateful. Grateful of having a life better than those 650 million people who are still struggling in life to get their basics.

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